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Pall-Ex UK shareholder membership

How the Pall-Ex
operating model works

Our palletised freight network is designed to enable every business to trade nationally or internationally, with access to efficient, reliable and cost-effective distribution.

The Pall-Ex network model 

Pall-Ex's innovative hub-and-spoke system streamlines palletised goods distribution, allowing customers to ship anything from single pallets to partial trailer loads efficiently.

By uniting independent haulage companies into a cooperative network, Pall-Ex boosts operational efficiency, enabling swift and cost-effective national and international shipments.

This model supports scalability for businesses without requiring significant transport investments. Our flexible services adapt to varying pallet demands, optimising operations during peak seasons and minimizing costs during quieter periods.

As online purchases surge, pallet networks become essential for swift, eco-friendly deliveries, reducing environmental impact by consolidating shipments and minimizing fuel consumption.Consolidating goods reduces the need for numerous vehicles, thus cutting fuel usage and lowering your business's carbon footprint.

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