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Pall-Ex Ireland

Pall-Ex Irelands's network of quality operators collaborate to deliver leading palletised freight distribution services across the country.

The Irish network for quality freight distribution

From our hub in Dublin, Pall-Ex Ireland delivers a quality freight solution to every eircode across Ireland. Operated by Ace Express Freight, previously a member of Pall-Ex’s UK network, the Irish network brings the established hub-and-spoke model to the country, allowing for an optimised and cost-effective solution for palletised freight distribution.

Established in 2024, Pall-Ex Ireland was created to address the challenges posed by Brexit on imports and exports between Ireland and the UK. The changing customs rules required a more efficient and reliable solution, leading to the partnership with Ace Express Freight. 

With over 35 years of experience in the industry, Ace Express Freight is a well-recognised Irish network that has been a part of Pall-Ex for over 15 years, covering Irish Eircodes and boasting an extensive hub network across the country. Ace Express Freight's reputation as a leader in the Transport Industry in Ireland, along with their numerous awards and recognition as a Deloitte best-managed business for 15 consecutive years, made them the perfect fit for Pall-Ex Ireland. 

Together, we offer a seamless and permanent solution for cross-border freight between the UK and Ireland, while also delivering high-quality domestic services within Ireland.

As part of Pall-Ex Group's international network, one of the most trusted European palletised freight networks, Pall-Ex Ireland has access to over 600 independent hauliers across Europe. Along with the backing of Pall-Ex's international team, we can offer a great international service, taking your freight across Europe and beyond.

Pall-Ex Group - Global Palletised Freigh
The Logo for international palletised freight network Pall-Ex Group
Pall-Ex Group - Global Palletised Freight

An international vision

Pall-Ex Group's vision is to become the leading global palletised freight distribution network by working with like minded partners across their local territories.

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